Actually, Klangspot is about curating Spotify playlists. But from time to time I also publish blog posts. So this page gives you access to all my articles on music reviews, Spotify and much more. Have fun browsing!

Track of the Week 10/20: Rudosa – Dominance

New design, clear direction. For Klangspot, a new era begins. And Rudosa provides the perfect soundtrack. Thanks a lot!

Weekly Music Recap 09/20: Agoria & Blasé – Wish Me Luck

Movie soundtracks are boring. They contain soundscapes and confusing noises that make no sense without visuals. Really? Not if Agoria is involved.

Weekly Music Recap 08/20: Drauf & Dran meets Rich Vom Dorf – Gimme Something

A track that makes it onto several Klangspot playlists straight away? That doesn’t happen often. But in this case I didn’t have a choice.

Weekly Music Recap 07/20: Felix Raphael & Yannek Maunz – Certain

The truth is on our ears. Sometimes it takes a pair of good headphones for a track to finally impress me. And what else is to tell about the last week?

Weekly Music Recap 06/20: Alan Fitzpatrick; Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard (Fitzy’s Half Charged Mix)

I love when artists do something quite unexpected. And I, for one, was pretty surprised by Alan Fitzpatrick. Big show! Let’s go to the disco!

Weekly Music Recap 05/20: Edward Artemiev – Resurrection (Reinier Zonneveld 2020 Remix)

From Russia to the Netherlands, the journey continues into the wide world of techno. Reinier Zonneveld transforms the Trans-Sibirian Railway into a racing car.