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We live in times when everyone create for their pet a own Instagram account. So I wondered if it would be interesting to run an account for a Spotify playlist. ONE playlist. The posts might not be as cute as pets, but entertaining in a musical way and maybe even cool.

Best Christmas Album 2020: ‘A Very Chilly Christmas’ by Chilly Gonzales

Christmas is just around the corner and probably all of us have already heard Christmas carols this year, voluntarily or involuntarily. It would have NEVER occurred to me to recommend a Christmas carol or even an album. Wouldn’t it be ‘A Very Chilly Christmas’ by Chilly Gonzales…

Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped: Klangspot’s Year in Review

2020 – actually a year to forget. Wouldn’t there be a lot of great music that helped us through the crisis… Probably all social media networks, especially Instagram, are currently flooded by Spotify 2020 Wrapped posts. Anyway, I’ll play along.

Sascha Bauer

Sascha Bauer

Music is his passion. He founded Klangspot back in 2017 as simple blog. Meanwhile he runs some of the most popular house and techno playlists on Spotify with a total of more than 70K loyal listeners.