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Playlists are playling a increasingly role in music business. Klangspot is right at the forefront of progress. Enoy the music format which is thought to be the new album.

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About Klangspot

Klangspot - Sascha BauerMy name is Sascha Bauer. I’m a musician and producer myself. I started Klangspot in 2016 as blog for DIY musicians and artists. Meanwhile my focus is on curating playlists for different genre and moods at Spotify, Napster, Deezer, Youtube and Soundcloud. Currently the Spotify playlists got 48.000 subscribers and growing. My playlists are featured at Napster Germany. I see it as my primary task to curate playlists that the listeners love. But it is also important for me to support DIY and indie artists. They’ve got the same chance to get a placement at our playlists as the ‘big players’. So what I do is…

Playlist Curation

I curate playlists at Spotify for many different genres and moods. All playlists will be updated every friday. The playlists are also available at Napster, Deezer, Youtube and SoundCloud.

Discover New Music

I listen to hundreds of fresh tracks every week on different music blogs, the tracks submitted by my submission system and check the latest releases at different streaming services.

News Hub

I collect the most important articles related to music streaming, DIY music promotion and the music industry in general. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter and don’t miss the latest tips and news.

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Music is My passion. Streaming My field.

All  my playlists are created and managed at Spotify. They are subsequently synched with other streaming services. You can find them also at Napster, Deezer, Youtube and SoundCloud.


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Approved Submissions

Playlist Submission

It is very easy to submit a track and apply for an playlist placement on my submission website Please deactivate your adblocker to ensure the website works faultless. If my free submission system doesn’t work for you or I have to check your track till next friday, check out the ‘Collaborator’ or ‘Editor’ tier at Patreon.

“When artists own their own rights or they’re doing equitable deals with their labels, they see the bulk of streaming money coming through. And what’s interesting is this also helps them connect and engage with their fans better than ever before on all elements of their global business from recorded to live.”

Annabella Coldrick, Chief Executive, Music Managers Forum at BBC Music Introducing presents Amplify

Prejudices against Streaming?

In my opinion Annabella Coldrick is completely right. I believe streaming is the medium of the future (followed by vinyl) and playlists are the best way to sort and arrange songs. Take the chances of the digital age! As listener you can enjoy to listen to constantly changing compilations of songs. And there has been never better times for musicians and producers to release and promote music. Use the possibilities of streaming and social media!


I Stream!

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Weekly Music Recap | Week 20/2019: Minimal Electro Beats / Johannes Oerding – ‘An guten Tagen’

Playlist and song of the week couldn’t be more diverse in the musical sense. Check out why I choosed Minimal Electro Beats and a singer- songwriter.

Weekly Music Recap | Week 19/2019: Best Country Songs Right Now / Sophie Hanson ‘Die at 29’

Beside the playlist of the week I want also announce my personal track of the week in the future. Check out the first Klangspot weekly music recap.

Studio Series – Das Hansa Studio Berlin macht den Anfang

Klangspot startet die Studio Series – eine neue Serie von Spotify Playlists über legendäre Tonstudios. Den Anfang macht das Hansa Studio Berlin.

Gemeinsame Playlists Spotify – Weshalb das System so nicht funktioniert

Mit den sogenannten Collaborative Playlists bietet Spotify die Möglichkeit, mit anderen Nutzern zusammen Playlisten zu erstellen. Aber…

Eine Landing Page für Dein nächstes Album Release

Warum eine Landing Page für Dein nächstes Release unerlässlich ist und welche Bestandteile diese auf jeden Fall enthalten sollte.

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