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Weekly Music Recap 37/2019: Instrumental Beats: Stil & Bense Takeover / Chris Willis & Lenny Fontana – ‘Top of the World’

House is the keyword this week. Whether Funky Disco House or good mood instrumental track. I feel like partying this week.

Weekly Music Recap 27/2019: Deutsche Poeten / Los Straitjackets – ‘The Fishin’ Hole’

The ‘Trending Techno’ playlist got a massive update and it’s my playlist of the week. And the song of the week? A very cool remake. Check it out!

Weekly Music Recap 30/2019: State of Americana / The Ghost of Paul Revere – ‘Nothing from Nothing’

The ‘State of Americana’ playlist includes all the best Americana and roots-type music releases. And also the home to my song of the week.

Sascha Bauer

Sascha Bauer

Music is his passion. He founded Klangspot back in 2017 as simple blog. Meanwhile he runs some of the most popular indie playlists on Spotify with a total of more than 100K loyal listeners.