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Playlists become more and more important in the music business. Klangspot has recognized the signs and connects artists with listeners.

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About Klangspot

When raw talent mix with creativity and vibe, you get a brilliant combination. Not everyone is opportune to be blessed with such gifts, but there is one Sascha Bauer, exceptionally displaying creativity with a vibe that’s hard to pin down.

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Who actually is Sascha Bauer? Sascha Bauer, best known as the operator of Klangspot is primary an playlist curator/music editor, but also an musician/producer himself. He is a master of his game; an apt playlist curator. He curates playlist that focuses on different genres but majorly electronic music such as techno and house. Being already established himself, he gives young and upcoming artist the platform to showcase their music to the rest of the world. Sascha curates playlist on Spotify, Napster, Deezer, YouTube and Soundcloud. More networks will follow. Currently, his playlists on Spotify have over 53,000 subscribers and still counting. He is popularly known in Germany’s Napster for featuring popular playlists.

 Sascha experienced a sweet journey mixed with some little bit of pain. He worked his fingers to bone just to give his playlists a modern feel. He experienced several setbacks in his career but eventually overcame them. His most memorable event was when he started his popular Klangspot blog with almost nothing in DIY, 2016. With extreme hardwork and sacrifice, he found his own path and he is carefully following that path.

Sascha’s playlists are a class of beautiful music. Fans feel his playlist and are able to connect with it emotionally. Many of his playlists focuses on moods, feelings and reality, as some would say: “his playlists would build an empire in your mind“. What about his music? Sascha makes beautiful piano, ambient and techno music too: else how would he be able to curate wonderful playlists for both famous and upcoming artists?

Playlist Curation

I curate playlists on Spotify for many different genres and moods. All playlists will be updated every friday. The playlists are also available on Napster, Deezer, Youtube and SoundCloud.

Discover New Music

I listen to hundreds of fresh tracks every week on different music blogs, the tracks submitted by my submission system and check the latest releases at different streaming services.

News Hub

I collect the most important articles related to music streaming, DIY music promotion and the music industry in general. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter and don’t miss the latest tips and news.

Talent Scouting for Labels & Publishers

As a playlist curator I listen to hundreds of songs every week,
many of them released by unsigned artists. If you run a label or publishing company but don’t have time for scouting, I can help you. Just leave me a message and tell me what you are searching for. I will contact you and for sure we’ll find a common agreement.

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Music is My passion. Streaming My field.

All  my playlists are created and managed on Spotify. They are subsequently synched with other streaming services. You can find them also at Napster, Deezer, Youtube and SoundCloud.


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Approved Submissions

Playlist Submission

It is very easy for unsigned to submit a track and apply for an playlist placement on my submission website If you have technical issues, please try to deactivate your adblocker.

If you don’t want/can’t to use the free submission system for any reasons, you’re a signed artist/label/marketing company or I have to listen to your track till the next playlist update (every friday), please visit my profile on Patreon. For organizational reasons, I don`t accept submissions via the contact form, by mail or a social network.

Your song will be reviewed for the next playlist update.

For unsigned artists only. The review process for free submissions can take several weeks.

“When artists own their own rights or they’re doing equitable deals with their labels, they see the bulk of streaming money coming through. And what’s interesting is this also helps them connect and engage with their fans better than ever before on all elements of their global business from recorded to live.”

Annabella Coldrick, Chief Executive, Music Managers Forum at BBC Music Introducing presents Amplify

Prejudices against Streaming?

In my opinion Annabella Coldrick is completely right. I believe streaming is the medium of the future (followed by vinyl) and playlists are the best way to sort and arrange songs. Take the chances of the digital age! As listener you can enjoy to listen to constantly changing compilations of songs. And there has been never better times for musicians and producers to release and promote music. Use the possibilities of streaming and social media!


I Stream!

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Weekly Music Recap 03/20: Camea – Missing You (Deep House & Melodic Techno)

I’m sorry, but I have to nominate ‘Deep House & Melodic Techno’ again as playlist of the week. Because it would be a shame to ignore ‘Missing You’ by Camea.

Weekly Music Recap 02/20: Lane 8 & Arctic Lake – Road (Deep House & Melodic Techno)

Lane 8 has released his new album and once again takes us away into wonderful soundspheres.

Weekly Music Recap 01/20: VNTM – Dark Knight (TECHNO Complex 2020)

New year, new design and the dark knight rises to the TECHNO Complex with a big bang. What could be better?

Weekly Music Recap 51/19: Thank You

Of course there is a playlist of the week, but I also want to say THANK YOU at the end of the year.

Ben Böhmer takes over the ‘Melodic Techno & Instrumental House’ playlist

It’s not Christmas yet. But nevertheless I have a gift for you: Ben Böhmer takes over the ‘Melodic Techno & Instrumental House’ playlist.

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