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Weekly Music Recap 39/2019: Modern Folk Rising / Chris Liebing & Charlotte de Witte – ‘In Memory’

This week’s playlist and track of the week are again more than contradictory. Folk fans as well as Techno fans get their money’s worth.

Fritz Kalkbrenner takes over the ‘Instrumental House Beats’ Spotify playlist

It’s takeover time again. And no one less than Fritz Kalkbrenner takes over the command of the ‘Instrumental House Beats’ Spotify playlist.

Tracks of the Week 11/20: Nils Hoffmann – 1.16699016 x 10^-8 hertz & Once in a Blue Moon

Sounds like repetition, but it’ s only partially. I’m gonna start searching for the blue moon again. Will you join me on the quest?

Sascha Bauer

Sascha Bauer

Music is his passion. He founded Klangspot back in 2017 as simple blog. Meanwhile he runs some of the most popular indie playlists on Spotify with a total of more than 100K loyal listeners.