Track of the Week 18/20: Stil & Bense – 1000 rote Ampeln

I love musical surprises. Especially when artists end up on playlists which I normally see somewhere else. Welcome Stil & Bense to the relaxed world of electronic music.


Stil & Bense – 1000 rote Ampeln

I’ ve been a fan of the music of Stil & Bense not just the playlist takeover last year. They regularly provide us with wonderful danceable beats, which can be usually heard on the ‘Instrumental House & Melodic Techno‘ playlist. Yesterday I could not believe my ears. The producer duo has actually shifted down a gear. For the fantastic compilation ‘Kindisch Steps XV‘ they show themselves from a side that I at least didn’t know before. The BPMs were at least halved in comparison to their other material and with ‘1000 rote Ampeln‘ the proof were given that they can also look very well outside the box.

The name of the track made me smile. I do not know the traffic situation in Osnabrück (the hometown of Stil & Bense). But do they want to show us with the track their resignation concerning the traffic lights or that we should stay calm despite the traffic jams? In any case, I’m a fan of track names that probably put a question mark over the heads of non-Germans. ? I was already amused by the names of older Paul Kalkbrenner tracks. Anyway. The track is great! Just like the compilation.

The track can be heard on the ‘Electronic Beats for Quiet Momentsplaylist on Spotify:



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