Track of the Week 17/20: Joris Delacroix – Stay

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Joris Delacroix – Stay

Already some weeks ago Joris Delacroix delivered the track of the week with his remix for Teho‘s track ‘Irani. Now he is again in my focus with his new track ‘Stay‘. It is his second release on the well-known French label Hungry Music. I can’t deny it: I’m a fan of Joris and also of Hungry Music. And I was very happy last year when ‘Time to Lose’ was released on the label. From a musical point of view this collaboration is absolutely consistent and appropriate. Because also with ‘ Stay’ Joris couldn’t disappoint a fan of the typical Hungry Music sound (if something like that exists): Beautiful harmony sequences embedded in an atmospheric arrangement, a grandiose selection of sounds and an uplifting structure. All components for a fantastic track. Thanks a lot Joris for the great music!

One could guess that the track was produced for the ‘Instrumental House & Melodic Techno‘ playlist. ? Because it fits perfectly on this playlist and can be heard there since Friday:



Complete ‘Instrumental House & Melodic Techno’ Track List (week 17/2020)

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