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Do you like some tips on house & techno music? Let me introduce you: Klangspot Advisor.


While searching for new tracks for the Klangspot playlists, I regularly discover interesting releases, events and other topics related to house & techno music, which have no direct relation or impact on the Spotify playlists. Therefore I decided to start a second Instagram account for reposts. The reposts AND news that are not provided on Instagram will also be published on the regular Klangspot Facebook page. So if you want to stay up to date, follow the Klangspot Advisor Instagram account and definitely my Facebook page as well:


A little note about the events: Currently I’m posting more recommendations, because the streaming events are independent of location. Furthermore, these are events that I watch myself or I think they are recommendable for you. If there are finally ‘normal’ events after the lockdown, the number of event recommendations will decrease. After all, everyone worldwide should benefit from the suggestions.

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