Track of the Week 12/20: Teho – Irani (Joris Delacroix Remix)

Track of the Week 12/20: Teho - Irani (Joris Delacroix Remix)

What does it take to turn a great track into a great remix? Very simple: Two great artists and one great track. Vive La France!


Teho – Irani (Joris Delacroix Remix)

Folks, I don’t speak a single word of French. But I can hardly hide it: When it comes to Melodic Techno, Progressive House or related stuff, I always keep one eye on France. Among other artists, the tracks of Teho are regularly on my relevant playlists. His second album ‘Polytone‘ was released recently and it’s great! As if this musical assembly wasn’t a gift enough, Joris Delacroix has now grabbed a track from this album and remixed it. Whoo!

Granted: ‘Irani‘ isn’t really my favourite on the album. The characteristic vocal soundscapes are too present in my personal opinion. But don’t forget: That’s complaining about first world problems, because the whole album is amazing! Exactly those parts of the track I didn’t like that much Joris fixed in his remix. Madness, I am a real fan of Teho’s music and of course also Joris Delacroix. And in my opinion there are rarely remixes where you can hear the style of both artists so clearly. Joris has made a typical ‘Joris Delacroix track’ out of Irani without ‘wiping out’ Teho. Thanks a lot guys!

The track isn’t only part of the ‘Melodic House & Deep Techno‘ playlist, but also ‘Instrumental Beats‘. Enjoy listening!



Teho – Irani (Joris Delacroix ‘Extented’ remix)

Teho - Irani (Joris Delacroix 'Extended' remix)


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