Track of the Week 16/20: Lexer – Death Up Close (Mollono.Bass & Marc Vogler Remix)

Track of the Week 16/20: Lexer - Death Up Close (Mollono.Bass & Marc Vogler Remix)

The track of the week suggests an ease that we sadly miss in times of Corona. Many thanks to Lexer, Mollono.Bass & Marc Vogler.


Lexer – Death Up Close (Mollono.Bass & Marc Vogler Remix)

It wasn’t really difficult to put the remix of ‘Death Up Close’ in the upper part of the ‘Deep & Soulful Chill Beats‘ playlist. Why? It’s simple. Even the original version of Lexer is awesome. But what Mollono.Bass & Marc Vogler did with it really blew me away. On one hand, they surprised me. Let’s face it: In the House & Techno genre many instruments are sampled or synthetically reproduced. When was the last time you heard an accordion? On the other hand, it is a personal story. I love accordion. It was one of my first instruments I learned to play, my son is learning accordion (OK, football is more important for him) and it has a tradition in my family.

This song radiates exactly the joy of life that we need at the moment. It’s the right track at the right time. Thanks a lot for that! You can find the track on the ‘Deep & Soulful Chill Beats‘ playlist on Spotify. And because the track is something very special, you can also find it on the ‘Klangspot Mixed Electro Favs‘ playlist.



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