Track of the Week 15/20: Ben Böhmer & Fritz Kalkbrenner – Rye

Two takeover, in my Spotify Wrapped 2019 right on top of the list and playlisted half the year. Somehow this track belongs to Klangspot.


Ben Böhmer & Fritz Kalkbrenner – Rye

Even when the track was released, I wondered about its meaning. Google provides various results for Rye. Different places in England, Denmark, Australia or France, a type of whisky or the grain. What is meant? The easiest way to figure it out would be to ask Ben or Fritz. But I think it’s this kind of intellectual space that makes the magic of instrumental tracks. Of course you can also paint with words. But I personally find it much more exciting when feelings, places, a state or whatever is described purely with sounds. I’d prefer the whisky. ? But the track sounds pretty much like the rye ears swaying in the wind. To analyze the track in a musical way would mean to disenchant his magic. Rather, I would like to write something about the track and its relationship to me respectively Klangspot.

As already mentioned, the track is quite high on my ‘Spotify Wrapped 2019‘ playlist (11/100) and therefore one of my favourite tracks of the last year. He was a resident on the ‘Instrumental House Beats‘ playlist. Only from the end of November it was replaced by tracks from Ben’s debut album ‘Breathing‘. But the period of absence didn’t last long. Of course the track was also part of the tracklist of Ben Böhmer’s playlist takeovers in December. And now the track is back as part of Fritz Kalkbrenner’s playlist takeover. I think it’s appropriate to celebrate the comeback. Somehow I have the feeling that this encounter was not the last. The relationship between any Klangspot playlists and ‘Rye’ is probably endless.


Listen to ‘Rye’ on the ‘Instrumental House Beats‘ playlist on Spotify, which was taken over this week by Fritz Kalkbrenner:



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