Fritz Kalkbrenner Spotify Playlist Takeover

Of course Fritz Kalkbrenner is the focus of the ‘Instrumental House Beats‘ playlist on Spotify this week. But besides his brilliant selection of 10 instrumental tracks, there are more progressive house house & melodic techno tracks that are worth listening to which have found their way onto the playlist:

Lane 8 – Bear Hug
LSTN & Banaati – Effervescence
Boris Brejcha – Purple Noise
Nils Hoffmann – Balloons (OIABM Version)
Carlo Whale – Glass House
Jono Stephenson – Galaxies (Eric Rose Remix)
D-Nox, Beckers & Stan Kolev – Pratigi
Daniel Helmstedt – Bliss
Agents Of Time – Under Control
Several Definitions – Words
Joseph Ashworth – Dima
Mashk – Oneirocritica


Yeah, it was a BIG update last friday and I hope you like the mix. By the way, there are also some other artists on the playlist that Spotify considers to be part of Fritz’ ‘musical family’, like Oliver Koletzki, Einmusik, Ron Flatter (as Remixer), AKA AKA or Dirty Doering.

Seize the moment! The playlist takeover only lasts until 17/04/2020:


Fritz Kalkbrenner live @ Domaine de Chantilly in France for Cercle

Fritz Kalkbrenner live @ Domaine de Chantilly in France for Cercle

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