Township Rebellion – Chasing Thunder (Track of the Week 32/20)

Township Rebellion are now part of the ‘Outlaw Ocean Music Project’ by Ian Urbina. Their new EP includes the Klangspot Track of the Week. This is actually no surprise.


Township Rebellion – Chasing Thunder Review

Township Rebellion are regulars on my playlists not only since the amazing playlist takeover last year. They are more the kind of artists where I get annoyed about my first rule when creating playlists: To take only one track per artist on a playlist. From their last releases several tracks could have found their way onto the ‘Melodic Beats‘ playlist without doubt. But that’s the way it is…

With their latest release ‘Storming the Thunder’ they are now also part of the ‘Outlaw Ocean Music Project’ of journalist and bestselling author Ian Urbina. What is it about? The project combines journalism with music.

While reporting for more than 5 years at sea, Urbina built an audio library of field recordings. It featured a diversity of textured and rhythmic sounds like machine-gun fire off the coast of Somalia and chanting captive deckhands on the South China Sea.


Now various artists of different genres are invited to work with these fieldrecordings in a musical way. For example, AKA AKA were already on the ‘Melodic Beats’ playlist with their track ‘Sea Lion‘ from the EP ‘Rainbow Warriors‘. It must be said that all three tracks of the Township Rebellion EP are great. But what fascinated me most was ‘Chasing Thunder‘. First of all from a musical point of view and also because of the topic. Because I guess that the two made the documentary ‘Chasing the Thunder‘ the central theme the track. And they dealt with the subject magnificently. Thunder, rolling snares, grandiose tension curves and a super varied arrangement tell the exciting hunt for the ship ‘Thunder’ by the ‘Sea Shephard’ activists without words.

There’s nothing more to write about. The project is a brilliant idea and Township Rebellion’s contribution is just as fantastic.


Listen to Township Rebellion’s ‘Chasing Thunder’ on the ‘Melodic Beats: Instrumental House & Techno‘ or the ‘Berliner Nachtmusik‘ Spotify playlist:


Township Rebellion – Storming the Thunder Trailer


‘Melodic Beats: Instrumental House & Techno’ Track List (week 32/2020)

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