Tim Engelhardt – Shine (Track of the Week 31/20)

With his new release ‘Shine’ Tim Engelhardt presents the first forerunner of his upcoming second album and raises a lot of anticipation for it.


Tim Engelhardt – Shine Review

The cat’s out of the bag. Tim Engelhardt‘s second album after the 2017 debut ‘Momenths Of Truth‘ will be released on Stil vor Talent. But before the release in September, Tim will shorten the waiting time with ‘Shine‘. The release contains two tracks. The name-giving ‘Shine‘ and ‘Idiosynkrasia‘. Both tracks are amazing, although ‘Shine’ inspires me a bit more. I really like the organic/ethnic feel of the track. This gives it a smooth touch, without reaching the downtempo range with its 123 BPM. The track is an absolute highlight for me and as such placed on three playlists. I really can’t wait for the album release.

Listen to Tim Engelhardt’s ‘Shine’ on the ‘Melodic Beats: Instrumental House & Techno‘, ‘Berliner Nachtmusik‘ and also the ‘Deep & Organic Vibes‘ Spotify playlist:


TIM ENGELHARDT live melodic set in The Lab NYC

TIM ENGELHARDT live melodic set in The Lab NYC


‘Melodic Beats: Instrumental House & Techno’ Track List (week 31/2020)

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