‚Instrumental Beats‘ Playlist Takeover by Township Rebellion

‚Instrumental Beats‘ Playlist Takeover by Township Rebellion

I am very happy to announce the takeover of my ‘Instrumental Beats’ Spotify playlist by Township Rebellion.


‚Instrumental Beats‘ Playlist Takeover by Township RebellionThe two DJs/Producers from South Germany inspire friends of electronic music with a unique style. Their music, which is a mixture of Tech House and Melodic Techno, is characterized by a special depth of detail. They manage to create complex arrangements without letting the music been overtaxing or boring for the listeners. Since they started in 2012, Township Rebellion’s way has been steadily on the rise. Chart placements on Beatport are just as much a part of their way as releasing regularly new tracks on well-known labels such as Stil vor Talent, Filth on Acid, Suara, SteyoyokeKatermukke or Parquet Recordings. During the last years they have performed at many major festivals & venues around the World such as Strawberry Fields, Fusion Festival, Watergate, Kater Blau, EGG London, De Marktkantine, Kafes, Noisily and many more.

Township Rebellion have become an integral part of the international electro music scene and I am convinced that we will hear and see a lot more of them in the next years.


‘Instrumental Beats: Township Rebellion Takover’ Spotify Playlist

Beside Spotify, you can find the playlist also on Napster, Deezer, YouTube and Soundcloud.


Takeover Tracklist

Township Rebellion – Aphrodite
Township Rebellion – Dolores
Township Rebellion – The Sioux – Original Mix
Township Rebellion – Elevant – Original
Township Rebellion – Charlotte
Township Rebellion – Monocloque
Township Rebellion – Challenger
Township Rebellion – Liquid Green – Original Mix
Township Rebellion – Moses
Township Rebellion – The Review


Township Rebellion – Fusion Festival, Turmbühne 2018

Township Rebellion - Fusion Festival, Turmbühne 2018


Upcoming Shows

10 Aug 2019: SonneMondSterne Festival, Saalburg, Germany
16 Aug 2019: Bucht der Träumer Festival, Helenesee Berlin, Germany
17 Aug 2019: Echelon Festival, Bad Aibling, Germany
24 Aug 2019: Stil vor Talent Festival, Berlin, Germany
06 Sept 2019: Artheater, Cologne, Germany
14 Sept 2019: STaR Festival, Wernau, Germany
20 Sept 2019: Steelyard, London, United Kingdom
21 Sept 2019: Viertel, Basel, Switzerland
27 Sept 2019: Gaskessel, Bern, Switzerland
28 Sept 2019: Silodom, Saarbrücken , Germany



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