Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped: Klangspot’s Year in Review

Spotify's 2020 Wrapped: Klangspot's Year in Review

2020 – actually a year to forget. Wouldn’t there be a lot of great music that helped us through the crisis… Probably all social media networks, especially Instagram, are currently flooded by Spotify 2020 Wrapped posts. Anyway, I’ll play along. In 2020 I have listened to music from 2.082 NEW artists so far. In total there were 5.406 artists. Only listened to them briefly? Not really. The total playtime just through Spotify this year was 244,056 minutes so far. That means almost 170 days. Crazy & unbelievable….

Yes, a curator listen to a lot of stuff. But of course I also have favorites.

My most streamed artists in 2020:

I’ m especially proud that 3 out of 5 of my 2020s favorite artists have taken over the ‘Instrumental Beats‘ playlist. Is there anything more exciting than that?


My most streamed tracks in 2020:

  • Mark Dekoda – The Curse
  • Cristoph – Sleepless Nights
  • Joris Voorn – Dark
  • Jan Dalvik – Mahat
  • Mark Tarmonea & Yannek Maunz – Tesseract


By the way, I am not the biggest podcast fan. But there is one I really like and that is why I would like to mention him here: Bassgeflüster. Many thanks to the makers and their guests. It’ s really entertaining what you provide.


Whether you were interested or not, this was a brief outline of the musical life of Klangspot on Spotify. Let’s see what the new year has to offer. For sure there will be changes on Klangspot. How exactly remains a secret. You can be curious.


Check out the Klangspot Wrapped playlist:


Klangspot 2020 TOP Tracks on Spotify:

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