Best Christmas Album 2020: ‘A Very Chilly Christmas’ by Chilly Gonzales

Christmas is just around the corner and probably all of us have already heard Christmas carols this year, voluntarily or involuntarily. It would have NEVER occurred to me to recommend a Christmas carol or even an album. Wouldn’t it be ‘A Very Chilly Christmas‘ by Chilly Gonzales

Jingle Bells: The Chilly Gonzales Guide to a Bittersweet Christmas

Chilly Gonzales

Well, today’s post isn’t about electronic music. Chilly Gonzales (Jason Charles Beck) is one of my favorite piano players, if not my most favorite. Chilly’s outstanding piano skills are indisputable. But what excites me even more are the concepts behind his creations. His songs or albums are not just great music, but he uses them to tell stories. He takes his listeners into another (emotional) world.


A Very Chilly Christmas

And even in the crazy year 2020, Chilly has recognized the signs of the times. I could imagine that he had the idea for the album for quite some time. But exactly THIS year was probably the perfect time to realize it. A bit melancholic, a bit gloomy, a bit thoughtful. The Christmas season is not necessarily beautiful and peaceful. Why should it be the music? There are versions of Christmas songs out there in rock, folk or big band genre. Great interpretations. But they don’t cover all facets of Christmas. In my opinion, Chilly fills this gap with his current masterpiece. I am also very happy that Jarvis Cocker is on board again. Their concept album ‘Room 29‘ from 2017 is also one of my all-time favorites.



There have been many unusual ideas for Christmas albums.  But THIS is my personal favorite. Because it seems to me to be the most honest one.  I can hardly wait to start a fire in the fireplace, have a glass of good whisky and enjoy this musical masterpiece. Thanks Chilly. And anyway: Merry Christmas.


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