TECHNO Exquisite 04/20 (Beatport Charts)

Another month has passed and it’s time again for the hottest techno charts on Beatport.


Also this month I present you 10 freshly released techno hits directly on Beatport (Link). As usual you can find all tracks for streaming on the ‘Techno Advisor‘ Spotify playlist. Enjoy listening!


TECHNO Exquisite 04/20 Tracklist

Sall & Antonio D’Africa – Go Back
Pig&Dan – Sirenism
Gaga & Mateo! & BOHO – Kenzo (The Reason Y Remix)
BEC – Choices, Chances
A*S*Y*S – Uranus
Christopher Kah – Thrust
Axel Karakasis – Tubes (Kristian Heikkila Remix)
OC & Verde – Magicians Of The Gods
Luca Agnelli – Oceanus
Durtysoxxx – Proof of Life


Techno Advisor Spotify Playlist

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