Weekly Music Recap 47/19: Ben Böhmer & Jan Blomqvist – Decade / Mark Tarmonea & Felix Raphael – Pull Revisited

Weekly Music Recap 47/19: Deep Melodic House & Techno

Sometimes you have to break rules. And today I have to do it. Actually there are two songs of the week. Happily both are on the same playlist. Both tracks are the result of excellent collaborations. A coincidence? I don’t think so.

To take one thing lightly, both tracks are playlisted on the ‘Deep Melodic House & Techno‘. And before you continue reading, you can listen to the playlist right here.




Ben Böhmer & Jan Blomqvist – Decade

A collaboration between Ben Böhmer & Jan Blomqvist? That sounds promising. And yes, the result is damn good! Last year there was already a collaboration when Ben has mixed Jan’s track ‘The Space Between‘. Now with ‘Decade‘ a collaborative track was released on Ben’s debut album ‘Breathing‘ (which is very ingenious overall). I don’t want to analyse the track deeper. You like the two artists? Then listen in. You get what you expect – but even better.


“Decades” by Ben Böhmer x Jan Blomqvist live at Burning Man





Mark Tarmonea & Felix Raphael – Pull Revisited

It’s no secret that Mark Tarmonea and Felix Raphael harmonize well together. The track ‘Same‘ already drew the attention of fans of melodic and deep techno music this year and ‘Pull Revisited‘ – a joint reinterpretation of Felix’s track ‘Pull‘ – is the latest collaboration. While the original version was already great, ‘Pull Revisited’ is much more atmospheric. In contrast to many remixes, the original can still be recognized very well. However, in the new version it got a completely different sound character. Really a great release! And hopefully not the last track of the two artists together.


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