Weekly Music Recap 48/19: The Swing Bot – Maldita Vida

Weekly Music Recap 48/19: The Swing Bot - Maldita Vida

Swing is inevitably associated with the 20s of the last century. But Swing is still alive. In traditional as well as in modern form. So, let’s swing together!


The Swing Bot – Maldita Vida

The 20’s fascinate many people of today. This was not least noticeable in Germany when last year the television series ‘Babylon Berlin‘ became a great success. This fascination is actually fascinating (what a play on words), because for most people the ‘Golden 20s‘ were not golden at all. The music could be one of the reasons. Swing never really disappeared, but presented itself in a modern form to a wide audience, especially in the last 10-20 years. Well, what I mean is Electro Swing.
I want to be honest: I have no knowledge of the artists in this genre, but I consume their music regularly. Like a typical radio listener. Today, however, I came across one of the big names of the scene by chance: The Swing Bot. Like many producers and DJs in recent years, he hides his identity behind a mask. You might think that’s cool, good, bad or strange. I don’t care. It’s about the music. Behind ‘The Swing Bot’ is a French producer who lives in Vienna. You don’t find out much more information. It doesn’t matter to us. Let’s thank this great producer for his amazing track ‘Maldita Vida‘ and enjoy this wonderful piece of music.
As I love to listen to Electro Swing but have no idea (how does it fit together?), I don’t have an explicit playlist for this genre. So you can find the track on the ‘Klangspot Electro‘ playlist. This is my personal playlist for my favorites of electronic music. For one or the other the mix on this playlist might seem confusing. But maybe you are interested in what I personally like to listen to.




By the way ‘The Swing Bot’ has a second track on this playlist: ‘Waves of 84‘. Watch the music video for this track below.

The Swing Bot – Waves of 84 (Official Music Video) RETRO

The Swing Bot - Waves of 84 (Official MV)



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