Weekly Music Recap 46/19: Charlotte de Witte – Selected (Techno Complex)

Not for the faint hearted: Charlotte rushes with 133 bpm and very nice acid vibes to the top of the Techno Complex.


Charlotte de Witte – Selected

Last friday Charlotte de Witte, one of the female shooting stars of the techno scene, delighted us with two new releases. The two EPs ‘Pressure‘ and ‘Selected‘ were released on their own label KNTXT. Of these eight great tracks I especially love ‘Selected‘. Charlotte burns a real firework in the duration of 8:03 minutes. I love the typical acid synth lines. Unfortunately, this stylistic element is mostly used too excessively, which makes it annoying. But Charlotte exactly found the right amount of it.

All in all it can be said that Charlotte is not at the top of the techno genre without reason. It’s rather untypical for the genre to release eight tracks (including an ambient and a dub techno track) at once. The fact that not a single track drops in quality or can even be called a “filling track” is significant.

You can find the track on my ‘Techno Complex‘ Spotify playlist.




Awakenings Festival 2019 Sunday – Live set Charlotte de Witte @ Area V

Awakenings Festival 2019 Sunday - Live set Charlotte de Witte @ Area V



Complete ‘Techno Complex’ Track List (this week)

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