Weekly Music Recap 29/2019: Instrumental Beats: Solee Takover / Lexer – ‘Felina’

House and Techno music dominates the Klangspot universe this weekend. There is no doubt that Solee and Lexer are my artists of the week


Playlist of the Week: Instrumental Beats: Solee Takover

All Klangspot playlists are updated. Once more the playlist of the week is Instrumental Beats. But with this isn’t suprising as Solee has taken over the playlist. Please check out my article about this takeover and Solee’s track listing. Here the focus will be on the other updates regarding the playlist. Current followers at Spotify: 8358 | Beside Spotify you can also enjoy the playlist on Napster, Deezer, YouTube and Soundcloud. | The new tracks this week are: Lexer (Felina), Rodriguez Jr. (Malecón Azul), Ben Weber (Aegir), Adrien Kepler (Following the Girl – Radio Mix), Lehar (Traversee Du Bosphore), Daniel Rateuke (Iniko) and Rauschhaus (Belt of Venus).


Song of the Week: Lexer – ‘Felina’

Lexer (Alexander Wittig) presents with ‘Felina‘ his third release in 2019. And also the title track of his new EP sounds (as almost traditional) as produced for the ‘Instrumental Beats’ playlist. There is not much to write about music made in the so-called Melodic Euro House genre. Either a track touches you emotionally or not. ‘Felina’ works for me. A wonderful track with a nice melody and well balanced arrangement. Whether to dance or relax – Lexer produced an ‘all purpose weapon’.

Listen to the track on the ‘Instrumental Beats‘ as well as the ‘Klangspot Electro‘ playlist.

As there’s no official video, please enjoy this full set from May 2019:


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