Weekly Music Recap 08/20: Drauf & Dran meets Rich Vom Dorf – Gimme Something

Weekly Music Recap 08/20: Drauf & Dran meets Rich Vom Dorf - Gimme Something

A track that makes it onto several Klangspot playlists straight away? That doesn’t happen often. But in this case I didn’t have a choice.


Song of the week: Drauf & Dran & Rich Vom Dorf – Gimme Something

Followers of my techno and house playlists know ‘Rich Vom Dorf‘ very well. Actually he is always on one of these lists. His output is incredible. I feel like I see the characteristic cover every week on my Spotify Release Radar. A lot of releases means a lot of junk? Nope.

Drauf & Dran‘s frequency of releases is much lower. But when something is released, you are usually surprised. Drauf & Dran’ seems to reinvent itself on a regular basis, which may be due to the fact that, according to my information, it originally started as a duo project, but Jonas Mohr now runs it mostly on his own.
For some listeners it is a sign of quality when an artist develops his own style, you can recognize him by his sound. That’ s OK. But I am of the opinion that art is allowed to evolve. It doesn’t have to, but it is allowed. Artists should be allowed to think outside the box and incorporate current influences into their own music.

So, let’s get to the track of the week. When two great artists collaborate, only something brilliant can happen. With ‘Gimme Something‘ the two artists have created something ingenious. The track has been produced in a way that should make friends of catchy electronic dance music as well as fans of progressive house / melodic techno happy. The beat is club-suitable, the hook stays in your ear without mercy and the vocals are dreamlike (who is the singer?). As everybody knows, I don’t dance. But during this track my feet start fidgeting. I do not want to take the track apart any further. Anyway, the two artists have hit the mark and produced a track that will surely accompany us for a while. I’ m sure it will. And I’m really happy that Spotify also recognized the potential and rewarded the guys with playlist placements.

The track can also be heard on the following Klangspot playlists: Melodic House & Deep Techno, DANCE MUSIC 2020 , Klangspot Electro (my personal favs) and the House Music Club Mix, and a relatively new playlist, which I would like to introduce at this point.





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