Weekly Music Recap 09/20: Agoria & Blasé – Wish Me Luck

Weekly Music Recap 09/20: Agoria & Blasé - Wish Me Luck

Movie soundtracks are boring. They contain soundscapes and confusing noises that make no sense without visuals. Really? Not if Agoria is involved.


Agoria & Blasé – Wish Me Luck

No, I’m actually not a big fan of soundtracks. As exceptions I can think of Berlin Calling, soundtracks for movies by Quentin Tarantino, spaghetti western or Oliver Onions (Bud Spencer/ Terence Hill). A new entry on the exception list comes from France. Agoria has released (mostly in collaboration with other artists) the soundtrack to the newly released comedy Lucky. As track of the week I chose Wish Me Luck from the soundtrack. But that’s really just to maintain my usual routine. And know it is the only track for which I have a suitable playlist. Really?? In my opinion it is. I think it’s the perfect intro for the House Music Club Mix playlist. But actually the album has so many highlights that I highly recommend it completely. It is versatile and yet sounds like one unit. There is not much of the typical “accessory” for sountrack that is absolutely unimportant if you aren’t a fan of the movie. In my opinion some tracks could easily be released as single. But of course I would be  happy if you would pay attention to my playlist (scroll down) 😉



Beside the House Music Club Mix Spotify playlist Wish Me Luck can also be heard on Klangspot Electro (the playlist with my personal favs).




Lucky (2020) – Teaser 3 (French)

Lucky (2020) - Teaser 3 (French)



Complete ‘House Music Club Mix’ Track List (week 09/2020)

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