Track of the Week 21/20: Terr & Daniel Watts – Disko Axiom

Analog, minimal, simply ingenious. This track by Terr & Daniel Watts should not only make the hearts of Kraftwerk fans beat faster.


Terr & Daniel Watts – Disko Axiom Review

I don’t like to draw comparisons between tracks, sounds or artists in general. But I admit that in the case of ‘Disko Axiom‘ by Terr and Daniel Watts it’s almost hard not to consider the track as a tribute to Kraftwerk. Or at least the musical influences can’ t be denied. Anyway. The track is awesome! Some people may think the sound and arrangement are sterile. When I listen to it, I rather feel an analog warmth. The effects used for the vocals create a certain intimacy, which produces its full impact when listening over headphones. Many thanks, the track is a great enrichment – not only for retro or analog freaks!

By the way: The Extended Mix of the track is part of the ‘Permament Vacation 6‘ Compilation.

The track can be heard on the ‘Melodic Techno & Progressive Houseplaylist on Spotify:


TERR, Daniel Watts – Disko Axiom

TERR, Daniel Watts - Disko Axiom

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