Track of the Week 22/20: Claptone & Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Go to the club wearing a mask? That may happen some day for everyone. But for Claptone at least it wouldn’t be a new experience.


Claptone & Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Purple Disco Machine Remix) Review

If you can’t think of anything better for the introduction, use Corona. Pretty pathetic, don’t you think? Whatever. Let’s get to the music. 🙂

As you know, I’m more into other House styles and Techno. But I admit: I love Claptone as well as Purple Disco Machine! And I get excited when the one does a remix for the other one. ‘Drop The Pressure‘ is already a very brilliant track in the original. Without completely alienating the remix from the original, Tino Piontek (Purple Disco Machine) elegantly lets the disco ball rise. And this of course in his well-known brilliant way. Many thanks for that!

Folks, take the disco feeling to your homes. Of course you can find the track on the ‘Funky Disco House 2020‘ playlist on Spotify. So: Follow the playlist, turn up the volume of your speakers, let the disco ball rotate and party till the walls shake!



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