Track of the Week 20/20: Julian Wassermann & Henri Bergmann – Vesta

Track of the Week 20/20 Julian Wassermann & Henri Bergmann - Vesta

What unites Germany, England and Israel? There are certainly many things. But there is one thing I am sure: Good music.


Julian Wassermann & Henri Bergmann – Vesta

Julian Wassermann/Germany, Henri Bergmann/UK and Jos & Eli/Insrael provide one of the best releases, I heard so far this year. And actually it’s not surprising that this wonderful EP was released by the label ‘Stil vor Talent‘. I have rarely been so excited about an international collaoration. And in my opinion it would hardly be possible for another label to get 3 ( respectively 4 ) amazing artists from different cultural regions on one EP.

My personal favourite on ‘Jos & Eli | Julian Wassermann & Henri Bergmann‘ is definitely the track ‘Vesta‘ by ‘Julian Wassermann & Henri Bergmann‘. I don’t want to break up the track any further, rather I want to quote the great website ‘Progressive Astronaut‘:

Space is in your face with ‘Vesta:’ psychedelic sonic dreamscapes with soft fluffy edges are juxtaposed with harder, crispier kicks, carrying the track to the next dimension.

I absolutely agree and that’s enough to write about. The track is brilliant. Well done Henri & Julian.

By the way: I guess I could look at the cover several more times. I don’t know what it is supposed to be. But who cares? The music is perfect!

The track can be heard on the ‘Instrumental Beatsplaylist on Spotify:


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