Best Melodic House & Melodic Techno Spotify Playlists

On this article, I will be reviewing the best melodic house and melodic techno playlists on Spotify. The world of melodic house is growing at an exponential rate. It seems like every other day, a new artist releases a track that instantly becomes one of the most popular tracks in the genre. What is driving this explosive growth? With over 30 million users listening to more than 150 million songs every month, there’s only so much music that can be available through streaming services. So, why are people flocking to melodic house? Some believe it is because it is a newer genre and therefore has not been fully explored yet. Others say it is because producers are using modern production techniques to create more progressive and intricate tracks compared to earlier dance music genres (like EDM or pop). And then you have the purists who believe that because the majority of popular artists release tracks in more commercially conducive genres like pop or top 40s house, there should be an abundance of similar music available in other less popular subgenres like melodic house. How can you tell if a new track released by an emerging producer will become successful? Look for playlists with positive feedback from other listeners who are also discovering their work for the first time.

Melodic House & Melodic Techno Playlists

The best place to find new music is through playlists. They are curated by those who know the tracks, so you can feel confident that there will be something for everyone in your musical taste. Finding a playlist is easy on Spotify; simply visit the search bar, type in “melodic house” or “melodic techno” and the list will automatically populate with relevant playlists. Here are some of our favorite melodic house and melodic techno playlists:

Best of Melodic House & Melodic Techno

The Best of Melodic House & Melodic Techno Spotify playlist has between 80 and 100 songs, all of which have an uplifting vibe. It includes a variety of different genres like progressive house, deep house, and even minimal techno to give you a wide range in terms of types of songs.

Instrumental House & Techno

On the Instrumental House & Techno Spotify playlist you can find equally great melodic house, melodic techno and progressive house tracks. But only tracks (or versions) without vocals. This playlist features music from label like Anjunadeep, Afterlife Records, Stil vor Talent, Diynamic or Einmusik.

Berlin Club Sounds – Deep & Melodic Clubsounds Berlin

These house & techno tracks bring Berlin’s club vibes to your home. The Berlin Club Sounds Spotify playlist has a special twist. Unlike the other lists, each artist is represented only once and will not be removed. At most one track of the artist will be replaced. Thus, the playlist is always growing, but offers one of the greatest variety in the sphere of melodic techno, melodic house and deep tech house Spotify playlists.

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