Pupkulies & Rebecca – The Beginning (Acid Pauli Remix) (Track of the Week 29/20)

Dreaming or dancing? There is a time for both. And for both times there is the right soundtrack. I’ll tell you which one…


Pupkulies & Rebecca – The Beginning (Acid Pauli Remix) Review

As it happens, I found time to listen to the current ‘Pupkulies & Rebecca‘ album ‘Bente‘ in full length last week. And what do I see today? There is already a remix available. Acid Pauli has (once again) taken on one track of the three musicians. ‘The Beginning‘ was the first single release of the album and – as much magic as the whole album radiates – the most impressive song for me. Melody, vocals, arrangement, sound: I would like to listen to it in repeat mode. And what does Acid Pauli do? He transfers it into his musical world. He makes it into a track to dance to. And he achieves this all without the song lose its magic. Fantastic. Orginal as well as remix belong to my favourites right now.


Listen to ‘The Beginning (Acid Pauli Remix)’ on the ‘Deep & Melodic Visions‘ and also the ‘Berliner Nachtmusik‘ Spotify playlist:



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