Paul Kalkbrenner – Parachute (Track of the Week 30/20)

Paul Kalkbrenner - Parachute (Track of the Week 30/20)

Paul Kalkbrenner. Finally I can nominate one of his tracks as ‘Track of the Week’.


Paul Kalkbrenner – Parachute Review

Without doubt Paul Kalkbrenner’s latest single ‘Parachute’ is the track of the week. Since I started this blog post series, Paul Kalkbrenner has already released a couple of tracks. They were great, no doubt. But although I would define myself as a fan of him and his music, there were some tracks that I liked more. But that’s not tragic either. German readers may know the quote from Arnold Schönberg:

Wenn es Kunst ist, ist es nicht für alle und wenn es für alle ist, ist es nicht Kunst.

With ‘Parachute‘ it’is different. It was clear for me from the first listening that this will be the track of the week. Even though there is strong competition. Paul teamed up with Joe Cleere and Neil Ormandy for his latest release. The result is absolutely amazing. The track is a ‘real Paul Kalkbrenner’: Beautiful & catchy harmonies, a relatively minimalistic but sufficient arrangement and (as I would say) the typical sound. Not to forget the outstanding vocals. The vocals are partially enhanced with effects that some would call accidental. But not at all. They are stylistic elements that probably only work in a Kalkbrenner track. Great show! If I would listen to music via CD, I would press the repeat switch on the CD player and secure it. Luckily, it’s more comfortable. The track can be found on two nice Klangspot Spotify playlists.


Listen to “Parachute” on the ‘Deep & Melodic Visions‘ and also the ‘Berliner Nachtmusik‘ Spotify playlist:


Paul Kalkbrenner – Parachute (Official Video)

Paul Kalkbrenner - Parachute (Official Music Video)


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Update 03/09/2020: Added the official Paul Kalkbrenner ‘Parachute’ video >>> Paul Kalkbrenner – Parachute (Official Video)

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