Deborah De Luca – Dori Me (Track of the Week 28/20)

New Age meets serious techno. The result is an awesome track that make everything wobbling and shouldn’t only excite techno fans.


Deborah De Luca – Dori Me Review

Deborah De Luca has taken the song Ameno by the French New Age formation Era and pulled it into her own genre. As you know I am a big fan of tracks that are transferred into the techno genre in a very skillful way. One of my personal highlights regarding this is the Reinier Zonneveld reinterpretation of Resurrection (check out my post). But in my personal ranking Reinier has now to share the top with Deborah’s Dori Me. Deborah has processed the characteristic vocals very well. The arrangement offers a nice tension. The track seems so diverting that you want to listen to it on repeat throughout. Let’s hope that it soon can be heard again at festivals and in clubs. Thanks a lot for this great piece of music!

Listen to Deborah De Luca’s ‘Dori Me’ on the ‘Techno Advisor‘ Spotify playlist:

Deborah De Luca @ Vele Di Scampia, Italy

Deborah De Luca @ Vele Di Scampia, Italy


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