Weekly Music Recap 31/2019: Funky Disco House / Pretty Pink – ‘Danser’

House is the keyword this week. Whether Funky Disco House or good mood instrumental track. I feel like partying this week.

Spotify, please improve your Release Radar!

Release Radar is the playlist I look forward to every Friday. But it’s getting more and more diluted by Spotify.

Weekly Music Recap 30/2019: State of Americana / The Ghost of Paul Revere – ‘Nothing from Nothing’

The ‘State of Americana’ playlist includes all the best Americana and roots-type music releases. And also the home to my song of the week.

Weekly Music Recap 29/2019: Instrumental Beats: Solee Takover / Lexer – ‘Felina’

The ‘Trending Techno’ playlist got a massive update and it’s my playlist of the week. And the song of the week? A very cool remake. Check it out!