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Klangspot Recordings is a record label specialized in ambient music and and chillout/lounge music. Klangspot also offers a wide range of playlists in various genres and moods on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, SoundCloud & Deezer. In addition to the main label, the imprints Music Advisor Recordings features electronic dance music, 0711 Piano neoclassical piano music, Chilled Bear Recordings lofi chill beats and Quiet Mind Relax Recordings minimal ambient soundscapes & new age music.
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It’s all about music. In fact, music! Harnessing the universal language of music, we envision a future where Klangspot Recordings stands at the forefront of global musical innovation. Our path is one of creativity, passion, and continuous evolution, where music isn’t just heard, but felt, seen, and lived. Listen to our playlists or the Klangspot Recordings, Music Advisor Recordings, 0711 Piano, Chilled Bear Recordings and Quiet Mind Relax Recordings releases to get a feel for our philosophy.

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January 12, 2024

Sid Mellowdy – Winter Walk

Take a serene Winter Walk with Sid Mellowdy's latest lofi chillhop track, a beautiful composition that will transport you to a world of tranquility. Released on Klangspot Recordings, this soothing melody and lo-fi downtempo composition is perfect for those seeking a moment of peace and relaxation. Immerse yourself in the peaceful vibes and let the music guide your winter wanderings, allowing your mind to wander and explore the beauty of the season.
January 9, 2024

The Therapeutic Benefits of Ambient Music: A Journey into Relaxation and Creativity

Dive into the therapeutic world of ambient music and discover its ability to reduce stress, stimulate creativity, enhance cognitive function, and improve sleep quality. Explore how ambient music can be a valuable tool for managing stress, nurturing creativity, and promoting well-being.This article discusses the beneficial effects of ambient music on stress reduction, creativity stimulation, cognitive function enhancement, sleep quality improvement, and music production skills development.
January 5, 2024

Zazenkai – Raunen (Noiseless Piano Edit)

Step into a realm where each note is a droplet of auditory serenity with "Raunen (Noiseless Piano Edit)", a reimagined sanctuary of sound crafted by the innovative Zazenkai. This neoclassical treasure is not merely a song, but a voyage into the heart of tranquility, a testament to the potential of a piano when touched by hands that know both its power and subtlety.