CRISPIE feat. ILIRA – Ladida (Track of the Week 27/20)

What’s the best thing to do when your heart goes boom boom? Either wallow in the past or simply start dancing!


CRISPIE feat. ILIRA – Ladida (My Heart Goes Boom) Review

When ‘My Heart Goes Boom (La Di Da Da)‘ was released by French Afair at the turn of the millennium, I was skeptical. Yeah, a pop song like any other. OK, it wasn’t even my taste of music. After I listened to the song a few times I thought that the melody was quite nice after all. But at some point you couldn’t resist it anymore. The song was palyed up and down in the radio, bars and everywhere. Then it really annoyed me.

Now, 20 years later, CRISPIE and ILIRA have found the right time to re-release the song in an up-to-date version. I listened to the ‘New Music Friday Deutschland‘ playlist in the car on my way home today, where the song is part of this week. And I was sure: This song will be one of the summer hits of 2020. The stress was gone and I was immediately in a good mood. Very cool! You can love it or hate it. I love it. Thanks a lot for the nice reinterpretation ?

Listen to ‘Ladida’ on the ‘Happy Dance 2020‘ playlist:


Official Video: CRISPIE x ILIRA – Ladida (My Heart Goes Boom)

CRISPIE x ILIRA - Ladida (My Heart Goes Boom) [Official Video]

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