Weekly Music Recap | Week 21/2019: Indie Folk Rising / Vanilla Waves – ‘Belltower Baby’

Take your guitar, buy some canned beer, make a campfire and enjoy the blooming nature. Indie Folk and Alt-Country are my favourites this week.


Playlist of the Week: Indie Folk Rising

All Klangspot playlists are updated. Playlist of the week: Indie Folk Rising. Current followers at Spotify: 1.613 | Beside Spotify you can also enjoy the playlist on Napster, Deezer, YouTube and Soundcloud. | The newcomers: Darling West (Rolling On), Benjamin Dakota Rogers (Pretty Girls), Samuel Romero (No Name No Face), Hayley Reardon (Bethany) and Joshua Hyslop (One Shot in the Darkness).


Song of the Week: Vanilla Waves – ‘Belltower Baby’

I heard Vanilla Waves the first time when they released their album ‘Good Times Are Coming?‘ last year. The sympathetic guys based inLondon, UK really enjoy making music, don’t seem to take themselves so seriously and they make a mix of … what actually? I hope they don’t mind calling their music alt-country here. But I think that describes this track best. It is very difficult to classify the style. Garage rock, britpop, southern rock a touch of surf rock? Make yourself a picture.You can find ‘Belltower Baby’ on my New Songs that Sound Vintage playlist.

There’s no video for ‘Belltower Baby‘ so here’s the video of the titel song from their currently released EP ‘Antidote‘.



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