Weekly Music Recap 45/19: Hammock – When It Hurts To Remember (Outer Space)

Autumn is a beautiful season. The fog covers the land and Hammock puts wonderful soundscapes on our ears. It’s ambient time!


Hammock – When It Hurts To Remember

Yes, autumn is here and it’s time for quieter sounds. Fortunately there are artists like Hammock who bring us beautiful soundscapes. The American duo is one of the big ones in the ambient genre. They are represented on all important relevant Spotify playlists. And when you listen to their songs, it’s not without reason. Making ambient music so touching, unagitated and at the same time varied and entertaining is a high art. Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson master this art perfectly. I also like to be inspired by the two of them for my own project Zazenkai, whereby the comparison of course is lagging and I am light years away from this brilliant level. There is actually nothing more to write about it. Let their sounds take you to another world!

You can hear the track on my playlist ‘Outer Space‘.




Official Video ‘Hammock – When It Hurts to Remember (Silencia)’:

Hammock - When It Hurts to Remember (Silencia)



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