Weekly Music Recap 43/19: Fritz Kalkbrenner – Kings & Queens (Ruede Hagelstein’s From The Other Side Of Town Remix)

What? Fritz Kalkbrenner again? Yes, absolutely. But this time he won’t come alone. It’s remix time with Ruede Hagelstein!


Fritz Kalkbrenner – Kings & Queens (Ruede Hagelstein’s From The Other Side Of Town Remix)

Two weeks ago Fritz Kalkbrenner provides with ‘Kings & Queens‘ already my song of the week.  Last friday a second remix of ‘Kings & Queens’ was released next to Julian Wassermann’s version. This time Ruede Hagelstein reinterpreted ‘Kings & Queens’. This version is much more abstract than the original and the Julian Wassermann remix. I don’t mean that negatively, quite the opposite. Already after the first bars I was totally thrilled. When I produce myself from time to time and switch off the grid in the DAW to create a tribal-like rhythm, chaos is the result. Here, the rythm captivates the listener. I know: This differentiates the amateur from the professional. But not only the choice of sounds and their rhythmic arrangement fascinate in this remix. If the rythmn elements are spread so nicely in the stereo panorama as in Ruede Hagelstein’s version, you could almost fall into a trance when listening through headphones.

No, the latest remix is no better than the original. A comparison isn’t possible. Both versions have their charm and should be heard. You can hear the remix on my playlist ‘House & Techno Remixed‘ Spotify playlist.



Two weeks ago the official video for ‘Kings & Queens’ wasn’t released yet. So you can enjoy it now:

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Kings & Queens (Official Music Video)



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