Weekly Music Recap 36/2019: British Casual Empire / Nils Hoffmann – ‘Once in a Blue Moon’

After a four-week summer break, I get back to you. England and Berlin are in focus of my Weekly Music Recap this week.


Playlist of the Week: British Casual Empire

All Klangspot playlists are updated. The playlist of the week is British Casual Empire. Current followers at Spotify: 2.791 | Beside Spotify you can also enjoy the playlist on Napster, Deezer, YouTube and Soundcloud. The new tracks this week are: Kasabian (Club Foot), The Lapels (Get In Lane), The Islas (Back of Your Neck), Floral Scene (Study), Sam Fender (The Borders), The Futureheads (Good Night Out), Miles Kane (Blame It On The Summertime), Al Moses (Taxidermy), Clear Vinyl (Foolish) and Black Bear Kiss (I Wanna Know).



Song of the Week: Nils Hoffmann – ‘Once in a Blue Moon’

The name Nils Hoffmann has become an integral part of the German house and techno scene. But also outside of Germany he is well known to most fans of electronic music thanks to his hit “Balloons“. Nils new track “Once in a Blue Moon” can be heard since yesterday as single release of his soon to be released album. What is there to write about the track? It convinces with a balanced arrangement, a beautiful melody and a brilliant selection of sounds. The track stays in your ears and has what it takes to continue the success of “Balloons”. Currently the song is playlisted on the first place of “Instrumental Beats“. Probably more playlists will follow (after all he already made it to Spotifys “Electronic Rising“). Anyway, I’m looking forward to the album!


Listen to “Once in a Blue Moon” on the “Instrumental Beats” playlist on Spotify:

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