Submitting tracks for Klangspot playlists is very easy. You only have to pay attention to some simple rules. Please be careful here.

If you want to submit your track in short-term for the playlist update next friday or you want to submit more than one track, please visit my profile on Patreon.


Submission Rules:

  • Submit only your BEST track for ONE playlist.
  • Specify the exact name of the playlist you apply for.
  • I review submited tracks carefully. Basically, the genre of your track should match the playlist. Please check this before submit.
  • If I get more than one submission within a few days, all will be ignored.
  • I only accept submissions from unsigned artists. Submissions from PR/playlist plugging companies or labels through this form will be ignored. If this applies to you, please visit Patreon.
  • As submitter you’ll become a part of the Klangspot family and receive my newsletter with valuable marketing and self-promotion tips for artists in irregular intervals.

And now… give me your music!

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