Playlist of the Week

Weekly Music Recap 50/19: Roxette – Dangerous (80s Disco Hits)

I guess everyone knows who it’s about. There is no obituary from me, no eulogy. I just want to say THANK YOU!

Weekly Music Recap 49/19: The Federal Empire – Good Man (Modern Indie Rock)

The song of the week is ‘handmade’ and it lets you sing along all day. Guaranteed!

Weekly Music Recap 48/19: The Swing Bot – Maldita Vida

Swing is inevitably associated with the 20s of the last century. But Swing is still alive. In traditional as well as in modern form. Let’s swing together!

Weekly Music Recap 47/19: Ben Böhmer & Jan Blomqvist – Decade / Mark Tarmonea & Felix Raphael – Pull Revisited

Sometimes you have to break rules. And today I have to do it. Actually there are two songs of the week. Happily both are on the same playlist.

Weekly Music Recap 46/19: Charlotte de Witte – Selected (Techno Complex)

Not for the faint hearted: Charlotte rushes with 133 bpm and very nice acid vibes to the top of the Techno Complex.

Weekly Music Recap 45/19: Hammock – When It Hurts To Remember (Outer Space)

Autumn is a beautiful season. The fog covers the land and Hammock puts wonderful soundscapes on our ears. It’s ambient time!