Float Disco Spotify Playlist

Float Disco is here and it’s gonna be the best alternative underground dance party ever! w/ dark disco, float house, indie dance, synth pop & more. Updated weekly.

Listen now to the Float Disco Spotify Playlist Spotify playlist:


Float Disco Spotify Playlist YouTube Playlist

Playlist: Nu Indie Dance - Alternative & Indie Dance Music Playlist

Welcome to the Nu Indie Dance Spotify playlist – the best alternative underground dance party around! Every week, we update this playlist with the hottest new indie dance tunes from across the globe. Get ready to get your groove on with this eclectic mix of groovy, upbeat songs to keep you moving. Whether you love to twirl on the dance floor, or just want some inspiring music to get your feet tapping, this playlist has something for everyone. So put on your dancing shoes, turn up the volume and get ready for a wild night of fun.

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