Moritz Hofbauer feat. PaulWetz – Dreamcatcher (Track of the Week 37/20)

What happens when two talented artists from rather different genres meet in the middle? Something unexpected and fantastic as well. Moritz Hofbauer and PaulWetz gave it a try.


Moritz Hofbauer feat. PaulWetz – Dreamcatcher Review

In this collaboration two different musical worlds seem to collide.* Moritz Hofbauer stands for a great mix of melodic house, progressive house and melodic techno. And PaulWetz? Well, I would say a singer-songwriter with a passion for electronic music. I guess he doesn’t feel committed to a special genre. He’s probably all about writing and producing great music and hopefully performing it live soon (if corona allows it 🙁 ).

*But is this really the case? Moritz and Paul have known each other not only since working together on their first collaborative release. And in my opinion you can hear that. I am sure that other similarities are an even better basis for a successful cooperation than playing in the same genre. The result? Dreamcatcher. No four on the floor, not really a club track but still a piece of music with a great beat. I think the attribute ‘deep’ fits in any case. The arrangement, the sound and last but not least Paul’s vocals make the track a special one you won’t forget soon. Great! The track was released on AKA AKA‘s label HYMNS. You can find the track on a playlist, where it has a unique attitude simply because of its beat. But I see it placed just right there. Of course I have also put it to my personal favorites.


Listen to Moritz Hofbauer feat. PaulWetz – Dreamcatcher on the Melodic House & Techno 2020 Spotify playlist:


‘Melodic House & Techno 2020’ Track List (week 37/2020)

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