Just some thoughts…

Klangspot Recordings Rutesheim

Let’s talk about the music business for a moment. The name “Klangspot” has been a more or less constant in the streaming landscape for many years. When I founded “Klangspot Recordings” as a record label in January 2022, I took the next step after only writing a music blog and curating Spotify playlists. In the meantime Klangspot combines four label imprints and an official Apple Music curator account. More interesting projects are in the pipeline and will take it to another level.

Once again as a reminder: Klangspot (with everything that goes with it) as main hub is a one-man show. And that’s probably what it will remain. Project-based there have been and still will be collaborations regarding playlists, music production and other topics. However, it’s always shocking me that even many years later I still approach it naively and, unlike many others, see it in large parts “only” as a passion and less as a business. Why that’s negative? I have a main job, a family and therefore not infinite time. And it seems to me that this little precious time left for music is partly stolen from me.

  • I’m presented with great ideas where the supposed partners don’t get back after a short time.
  • Others are only interested in the streams through my playlists
  • or are interested in my experience.
  • Some people don’t seem to know me after they’re think they are “famous” now although I’ve supported them for a long time.

If these people have what they want or if you ask them for a smaller favor yourself, you don’t get heard from them anymore. Something like: “I do not get a playlist placement? Then I don’t give a shit how you are doing.” I think the time of free hints and favors for everyone should be over.

I am absolutely aware of this: There are a lot of people in the music business who do a better job than I do. I can live with that, even if I try to get better every day. But: I prefer to play alone in the third league than with unreliable people supposedly in the first.

So what I’ll definitely change is that I’ll check very carefully with whom I get involved. My time is precious. I haven’t lost the passion for music, but I’m now very aware that it’s mainly about business and unfortunately little about the people behind it. I have learned this fact hard over time and I’m more or less forced to accept that and live it myself. And still: For me, the person and the friendly partnership is in the foreground.

So if you just want to build sand castles or want a playlist placement, you can be sure of my ignorance. Stay away from me. Should you seriously want to work with me in partnership and like me be ready to go the “extra meters”, I am open to many things. And yes, humans take precedence over numbers.

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