eD2K – The Pink Mountain

eD2K - The Pink Mountain

Dive into the blissful melodies of “The Pink Mountain” by eD2K, an exquisite new track that takes you on a serene journey of lofi sleep beats. Released under the avant-garde, Chilled Bear Recordings, this debut track etches an unforgettable mark in the music realm.

Straight from the studio of eD2K, “The Pink Mountain” isn’t just a song; it’s a realm of tranquility crafted carefully with lo-fi elements, perfect for your sleep sessions or a leisurely evening. The track’s hauntingly beautiful blend of beats and rhythms will seep into your senses, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and peace.

This debut release on the new label imprint, Chilled Bear Recordings, speaks volumes about the label’s commitment to bringing unique and calming sounds to the forefront. The Pink Mountain by eD2K is the first of many promising tracks to come, setting a high bar for future releases.

Stay tuned as we explore eD2K’s take on the lofi sleep beats genre. Whether you’re working, studying, or winding down after a long day, the soothing sounds of The Pink Mountain are a perfect companion.

So, plug your headphones in, shut the world out, and let The Pink Mountain’s enchanting beats transport you to a haven of bliss and tranquility.

Tag along on this musical journey and unleash the healing power of music with The Pink Mountain by eD2K – your new favorite track on Chilled Bear Recordings. Enjoy the feeling of pure serenity that only lofi sleep beats can deliver.

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