Weekly Music Recap 49/19: The Federal Empire – Good Man (Modern Indie Rock)

The song of the week is ‘handmade’ and it lets you sing along all day. Guaranteed!


The Federal Empire – Good Man

I imported the song of the week straight from Los Angeles for you ? It’s not the first time the duo ‘The Federal Empire‘ inspires me. Also their new song ‘Good Man‘ has hit potential again. What fascinates me about this song? On the one hand there is the wonderful melody of the chorus, which bores through the ear canal like a hymn and gets stuck exactly in the middle. Once you hear it, you can’t get the melody out of your head. On the other hand it is the unique sound. It’s fascinating how such a simple drum arragenement can impress with its sound alone. And as if the drum sound and the melody were not reason enough to convince me, a Dobro guitar is also used. I’m blown away! Thanks a lot for that!

You can find the song at the top of the ‘Modern Indie Rock’ Spotify playlist.




The Federal Empire – Good Man (Official Music Video)



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