Weekly Music Recap 40/2019: Surf Rider / Black Flamingos – ‘Are You Afraid of The Dark?’

Sorry guys, there’s no electronic music this week. Just electro guitars and a lot of reverb. Surf’s up!


Playlist of the Week: Surf Rider

The playlist of the week is Surf Rider. Current followers on Spotify: 1.742 | The new tracks this week are: The Fireballs (Bulldog), The Tourmaliners (Baja Norte!), The Head Henchmen (You’ll Never Surf Alone), Underwater Bosses (KGB Tsunami), Agent Octopus (Baby Octopus Walk), The Jagaloons (Bongo Banana), Durango14 (Maracaná) and Black Flamingos (Are You Afraid of The Dark?).



Complete Track List (this week)


Song of the Week: Black Flamingos – ‘Are You Afraid of The Dark?’

As you may know, I am a big fan of surf music and Insturmental Rock. So it’s time to pay some more attention to this wonderful genre. A good opportunity is the new single of the band Black Flamingos. The new work of the American Trio is convincing all along the line. A beautiful melody, embedded in heavenly harmonies, perfectly played and embedded in a wonderful typical surf sound with a touch of vintage. What more do you want to write about it? It is similar to techno music. Surf tracks can rarely be analyzed extensively. Either they touch you or they don’t. And the Black Flamingos made it with ‘Are You Afraid of The Dark?‘. Many thanks for this piece of music.

Of course you can listen to the song on the ‘Surf Rider‘ playlist.


BLACK FLAMINGOS – Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2017:

BLACK FLAMINGOS - Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2017

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