Track of the Week 24/20: Charlotte de Witte – Return To Nowhere

Charlotte de Witte is back with a new EP. And not alone (at least virtually). Can you hear the angels singing?


Charlotte de Witte – Return To Nowhere Review

Charlotte is one of my favourite artists when it comes to harder stuff and I’m always very happy when a new release is coming up. Because she always knows how to surprise. On her new EP ‘Return To Nowhere‘ she combines her proven driving techno sound with heavenly choirs and mystical vocal samples. The danger with such combinations is often that it sounds cheap or squeezed. Here that’ s absolutely not the case. Creatively embedded in the tracks the vocals are mostly in the foreground, but not obtrusive. Moreover, with ‘What’s In The Past‘ Charlotte presents a pure ambient track without any beats. Variety and surprises are guaranteed.

Return To Nowhere‘ is my track of the week. It’s on the top of the ‘TECHNO ADVISOR 2020‘ Spotify playlist. Furthermore the opener track ‘Sgadi Li Mi‘ ranks first on the ACID OVERDOSE playlist.



Charlotte De Witte – Return To Nowhere

Charlotte De Witte - Return To Nowhere


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