The Neoclassical Piano Spotify Playlist: A Collection of Classical Music for Studying, Relaxing and Inspiration

Are you an avid listener of classical music? Perhaps you enjoy listening to it on a commute, while relaxing in your room or even as background noise during studying sessions. If so, this Neoclassical Piano Spotify playlist is the perfect addition to your music library. The inclusion of classical music both standard and Neoclassical is frequently mentioned as having numerous benefits, including reducing stress by lowering cortisol levels and improving concentration.

What is Neoclassical Music?

Neoclassical music is a term used to describe music written in the period between 1750 and 1900. This era is also known as the Romantic Period and was a time of great cultural and artistic movement around the world. A composer of neoclassical music will be influenced by a selection of different musical styles from various periods, including baroque, classical, Romantic and even folk music. Neoclassical compositions will often feature piano solos, chamber music, orchestral pieces and vocal works. Neoclassical Piano music has a lot in common with classical piano music. Both styles feature piano solos, and the periods these styles of music emerged from are very similar.

How Can Listening to Classical Music Help You?

As mentioned above, listening to classical music has numerous benefits. It has been proven to lower stress, improve sleep, enhance focus and improve your mood. These benefits are primarily related to the slow tempo coupled with harmonic chords.

The Benefits of Listening to Classical Music

– It lowers stress by lowering cortisol levels – Cortisol, the hormone responsible for stimulating the “fight or flight” response, is also linked to feelings of anxiety, irritability and decreased mood. When listening to classical music, levels of cortisol decrease. – It improves your mood – When stress levels are low, serotonin levels are higher – serotonin being the chemical responsible for feelings of happiness and relaxation. When serotonin levels are higher, the likelihood of feeling depressed decreases – leading to a heightened mood. – It enhances your focus – Listening to classical music has been proven to improve focus. The benefits of this can be seen in the workforce, where listening to classical music has been linked to a reduction in mistakes. – It improves your sleep – As sleep is influenced by cortisol levels, lowering these levels can improve sleep – leading to a reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety.

The Piano Pieces on This Playlist

The pieces included in this neoclassical piano playlist have been written or sound as if they have been influenced by the neoclassical era. Some pieces are standard classical pieces whilst others are neoclassical works. – Sonata in C Major, K. 545 (Fur Elise): One of the most recognizable piano pieces of all time, this piece is a standard work that has been played by pianists around the world for centuries. – Prelude in C Major, Op. 28 No. 4: Another standard piece that has been played for years by piano players of all skill levels. – Danza delle Corni: A neoclassical work that is short but sweet. – Clair de Lune: A standard work that features haunting melodies that are both relaxing and beautiful. – I Remember: A neoclassical work that is peppered with soft and simple piano melodies. – Sonata in G Major: A standard work that features lively piano melodies. – Minuet in C Major: A standard work that is another piece that has been played for years by pianists. – Intermezzo in E Major: A neoclassical work that features a beautiful melody that is both relaxing and soothing. – Prelude in C Major, Op. 28 No. 7: Another standard piece that has been played for years.

Other Good Piano-Only Playlists

Given the popularity of piano music in general, it’s not surprising that many piano-only playlists can be found online. So how do you decide which ones to add to your playlist? These two piano-only playlists are certainly worth adding to follow or adding to your personal playlist:

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Make a cup of tea, listen to amazing piano music and relax.

Lazy Sunday Piano – Minimal Solo Piano Music for Relaxing Sundays

Minimal, positive and relaxing instrumental piano music that gives the feel of waking up a little late on Sunday morning.



Music is something that can come in handy at any time. It can help you relax and reduce stress, as well as helping you to be more creative. It can even help you to sleep better if you choose the right song. We’ve covered the importance of listening to classical music and how it can help you in many different ways. We’ve also covered a few different piano playlists that are perfect for a wide range of activities. So if you enjoy listening to classical music, be sure to add these playlists to your library.

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