Rian Milo & Mia Vice – Midsummer

Rian Milo & Mia Vice - Midsummer

Dive deep into the magic of the season with Rian Milo & Mia Vice’s new track, “Midsummer“. This entrancing addition to the Music Advisor Recordings repertoire is a symphony of melodic house/techno that captures the essence of a blissful midsummer evening.

Midsummer, a term synonymous with the peak of summer, resonates perfectly with the vibe of this track. Rian Milo & Mia Vice have masterfully woven together an amalgamation of chilled beats and melodic tunes that exudes a summery warmth. As the beats unfold, you can almost feel the gentle touch of the summer breeze, and the calmness of a midsummer sunset.

This new track, released under the esteemed Music Advisor Recordings label, is a testament to the diverse range of music they stand for. Known for their top-notch collection of melodic house/techno, Rian Milo & Mia Vice‘s “Midsummer” only furthers their reputation.

Allow yourself to drift into a state of pure bliss with the tranquil chilled beats that characterize this stunning piece of music. “Midsummer” is more than just a track; it’s an experience that echoes the hypnotic beauty of the season it’s named after.

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