Pretty Pink – Suvi (Track of the Week 35/20)

Pretty Pink - Suvi (Track of the Week 35/20)

Honestly, I wasn’t able to figure out what Suvi means. But it doesn’t really matter. Pretty Pink definitely provides the track of the week with it!


Pretty Pink – ‘Suvi’ Review

It’s been almost a year now since Pretty Pink delivered the track of the week with ‘Danser‘. Of course, many great stuff from her has been released in the meantime, which mostly found its way onto the one or other Klangspot playlist. But with ‘Suvi‘, she has again created a killer, which stuck in my ear more than any other recent releases. No doubt that this is my track of the week.

What I like so much about Pretty Pink and her music is that she is always good for surprises. Of course, there are many artists who release high quality music. But unfortunately sometimes it’s like listening to AC/DC (which I really appreciate): If you know one track, you know them all. While Pretty Pink usually shines with fantastic tracks that I like to put on my dance playlists, now with Suvi she’s going to blow us away with a wonderful melodic/progressive house track. What does the title of the track mean? The only explanation that makes sense to me is the translation from Finnish, which means ‘summer‘. And it’ s exactly the uplifting harmonies and melody of the track that instantly thrilled me. You immediately get in a good mood. The track actually belongs on every playlist you listen to in the car while driving to work. Thanks a lot for this fantastic track, which I of course put on my personal playlist.

Listen to Pretty Pink’s Suvi on the Melodic Beats: Instrumental House & Techno Spotify playlist:


Pretty Pink – Deep Woods #119 (Radio Show)

Pretty Pink - Deep Woods #119 (Radio Show)


‘Melodic Beats: Instrumental House & Techno’ Track List (week 35/2020)

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