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Klangspot Recordings is a record label specialized in ambient music and and chillout/lounge music. Klangspot also offers a wide range of playlists in various genres and moods on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services. In addition to the main label, the imprints Music Advisor Recordings features electronic dance music, 0711 Piano and Klangspot Nu Classical neoclassical music, Chilled Bear Recordings lofi chill beats and Quiet Mind Relax Recordings minimal ambient soundscapes & new age music.

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Klangspot Nu Classical and Chilled Bear Recordings are open for demo submissions.

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It’s all about music. In fact, music! Harnessing the universal language of music, we envision a future where Klangspot Recordings stands at the forefront of global musical innovation. Our path is one of creativity, passion, and continuous evolution, where music isn’t just heard, but felt, seen, and lived. Listen to our playlists or the Klangspot Recordings, Music Advisor Recordings, Klangspot Nu Classical0711 Piano, Chilled Bear Recordings and Quiet Mind Relax Recordings releases to get a feel for our philosophy.

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October 4, 2023

Café Berlin: An Exploration of Lofi Beats in the Coffee Shop Scene

Berlin's coffee shops are not just about well-brewed coffee; they are about experience. Each locale presents a unique atmosphere, a distinctive vibe that can be encapsulated in the music it plays. Here, we present a Spotify playlist that perfectly captures the essence of these coffee shops.