Best New German House and Techno Spotify Playlist

Best New German House and Techno Spotify Playlist

Would you like to get a deep insight into the German house & techno scene? Than you should check out the ‘Berliner Nachtmusik‘ Spotify playlist.

Update 11/2022: Meanwhile the playlist can be found under the name ‘Berlin Club Sounds‘.

I have decided to create a new Spotify playlist with german techno, house and dance producers only. Why this? The playlist is actually a mixture of already existing Klangspot playlists. Due to the current lockdown, it’ s my intention to support local artists in particular.

With the playlist I ignore some of my own rules:

  • artists can be represented several times
  • there is no fixed amount of tracks
  • the playlist is not limited to any genre
  • updates occur irregularly

You may have wondered about the name of the playlist ‘Berliner Nachtmusik‘. Well, Berlin is considered the center of German electronic music. Maybe as the most important techno city in the world. The artists who live there, the clubs… This density is unprecedented. So I think this is a pretty good hook. Of course, the featured artists come from all over Germany like Stuttgart, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich or small villages.

What kind of music is represented? In the world of electronic music I find it sometimes very difficult to name the genre. There is (fortunately) a lot of overlapping. But I would still like to name a few genres & labels in no particular order:

Watergate Records, Stil vor Talent, German electronica, Kling Klong, Hamburg electronic, Terminal M, Kittball, Düsseldorf electronic, Parquet Recordings, German tech house, DIYNAMIC, German techno, German dance music, Cocoon Recordings, German house music, deep euro house, Heinz Music, German dark minimal techno, Leipzig electronic, Einmusika Recordings, German deep house, KATERMUKKE, Munich electronic, Poker Flat Recordings, Frankfurt electronic, Ton Liebt Klang, melodic techno, Freude am Tanzen.

The playlist is not structured as a set, so you will have the best experience when you listen to it in shuffle mode. Believe me, this is exciting! Of course I do not claim to be complete, but I do my best to offer the wide range of German techno & house music. 😉


Playlist: Berlin Club Sounds - Deep & Melodic Clubsounds Berlin

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